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Shedding Basset Hound.........?

My basset is shedding bad. I MEAN BAD! My entire home is covered in black dog hair. I have to wash my bedding every other day, I even got a plate out of my kitchen cabinet the other day with dog hair on it. He has stopped up the bathtub! Is there any cure? Anything I can do?

Shedding Basset Hound.........?

I have a basset hound/beagle. See your vet and ask him to give your dog SHED-STOP this you give to your dog and it will cut down on his shedding. Of course you cannot stop it completely due to dogs do shed at times but you won't have the hair your finding. Also talk with your vet about how many times your able to give it to your dog. Good luck!

Shedding Basset Hound.........?

no my two are the same yewkie is worse than ringo the onyl way to help is to brush then outside every morning mine are white so I can't wear black.. but you can trying only wearing black and gettign black bed yewkie_and_ringo. good luck

Shedding Basset Hound.........?

How long has he been shedding? Has this been ongoing since you've had your dog? If not, is he scratching? If he is scratching and loosing hair, he might have the mange (I think that's how you spell it). Your local vet can dip him and he'll be good as new. Although, if this has been an ongoing process, your dog is probably just a shedder. If you have a backyard, maybe let him run and play out there instead of keeping him in the house all the time. However, if it is very cold outside where you leave, I suggest keeping him inside, nomatter how bad he sheds. Try calling your vet if you're concerned. That is what they are there for.

Shedding Basset Hound.........?

you can try brushing him with something designed to trap the hair so that it localizes the worst of the shedding, but you may have to do this twice a day if he's as bad as it sounds. Do you live somewhere where it's getting warmer? he may just be getting his summer coat so there's an end in sight... the dogs here in wisconsin haven't started shedding yet. if this continues, try taking him to the vet to check for skin irritation or other problems.

Shedding Basset Hound.........?

My Doberman is shedding fur as well..Took him to the vet n she said it was caused by allergies from the dog food..he was gettin worse b4 i took him to d vet.He was bitin himself much n scratchin all d time.perhaps its from allergies? or d shampoo u have been using isnt suitable for him?Some dogs r allergic to beef/chic/corn/ u take him to d vet to find out.Perhaps ur dog juz needs some extra vitamins?Good Luck!

Shedding Basset Hound.........?

How old is your dog? Do you take him to the vet regularly and has he been recently as in: since this excessive shedding started? Your vet is the only one who can tell you if it is a medical condition such as allergies, age related, vitamin/mineral deficiency, or I-don't-know-what. You could try switching foods. If you do this, you have to do it gradually:

1st week: 3 parts original food(o.f.) to 1 part new food(n.f.).

2nd week: 2 parts o.f. to 2 parts n.f.

3rd week: 1 part o.f. to 3 parts n.f.

4th week: all new food

If when you go from one ratio to the next his poop gets too runny, go back to the previous ratio for a week. There are many good brands of food out there, it is a matter of what works best for your dog. Go to the different pet supply stores in your area and see what they carry and ask if they have a dog food that addresses this particular problem. Ask if they have samples. When you find a food that you think will help, ask what the return policy is on the food. Most of the premium brands will take their food back if you are unhappy with it. Grocery store dog food is often the cause of many skin and coat problems in dogs. You may need to add supplements to the food as well. Essential Fatty Acids - EFA's could help a lot. Many health food stores are now carrying some great pet supplements. Your vet should also have something as well. Most vets carry Hills Prescription Diet foods, but if you can avoid them, do so. While they do address certain medical issues, my personal opinion is that they are so-so nutritionally. Better than grocery store food, but not up to the standards of Nutro Ultra, Solid Gold, Wellness, Bill'n'Jac, Avoderm, and many others.

I know that sometimes people will bathe their dogs too frequently thinking that it helps when it can actually exacerbate the problem, or even cause new ones. Unless told differently by your vet, most short haired dogs do not need to be bathed more than once a month, with brushings in between baths. There is a brush called the Zoom Groom that is made of all rubber that is very effective at grabbing the loose hair, as well as a glove with rubber nubbies on it that is called (I kid you not) The Love Glove that makes it more like you are just petting the dog.

Good luck and hug your doggy for me.

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